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The Secret of Lotto

What is the secret of lotto? The secret of lotto … the ever-elusive answer to financial freedom and a perfect life … is there more to making this a reality? Yes, that is the great lotto dream, but in order to find the true secret of lotto, you have to use your mind, your logic […]

How to be twice as confident Top Tips

Do you want to be twice as confident? Confidence is a positive asset and will help you in numerous ways to achieve what you want in life. The lack of confidence may lead to missed opportunities, lower performance and a great deal of frustration. Confidence is a skill that you can acquire, so even if […]

How to Learn Languages faster

Learn Languages this year. Learn faster. When you start learning a new language, a good idea is to find a good language blog where you can refer to experts. The better blogs will shorten your learning curve and help you in making fewer mistakes. Speaking more than one or two languages will stand you in […]

Water is the answer to a new you

New Beginnings and a NEW YOU This is a new year and time for change. You need all the help you can get to perform at work, in your business or at school. Water may be the solutions to many issues regarding your health, like obesity, congestion and a general feeling of discomfort. When you […]

Reach your Goals this year with KAIZEN

Are you struggling to reach your goals? There are myriads of motivational speakers wanting to sell their products to help you with staying motivated, reaching your goals, becoming more confident, more successful or losing more weight. Whom do you trust? They all profess to care about YOU. But, in the end, do they all not […]

Have you met the real you?

Do you know the real you? From the day that you are born, you are being influenced by others – parents, teachers, advertisements, the media, movies, friends and politicians. These are the influencers. The real you and success Our success in life is based, to some extent, on our ability to influence others. Think about […]

How to find success

How to find success quickly Success is something we all covet. We all have different ideas of what successful means – to some it may be financial freedom, others view success as being famous and yet other people see success as being happy and leading a meaningful life. Success and money However we look at […]

Life Design with Lotto is easy because you are a millionaire

Life Design is easy when you are a lotto winner Life Design is so much easier when you have money, isn’t it? Well, not necessarily. You can also structure your days with a plan that includes playing lotto once or twice a week. The more you play, the better your chances are of winning. Keep […]

How to Handle Lottery Syndicate Disputes the Correct Way

Lottery Syndicate disputes Fortunately there are not many lottery syndicate dispute cases. However, when they do come up, they can cause stress and could even break up a lottery syndicate. Listed below are a few ways in which you can resolve such disputes and how they could have been avoided. To resolve a dispute of […]

Influencing the Lotto Results to WIN Big Time

Influencing the Lotto results with hocus pocus Many hopeful souls approach the lotto with a winner mindset they hope will influence the results and make them flash-in-the-pan millionaires. They go to great lengths to medidate on what they believe their winning numbers are – even claiming to have dreamt their numbers. Some see their lucky […]