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Author Joyce Chapman once remarked: “If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there’s no way around doing the work it takes to get you there.”  For a lotto punter this quote simply means that if you dream to win the lotto jackpot and become a lotto millionaire, you need to buy a lottery ticket – it’s the only way to win the lotto.

A lottery ticket encapsulates hope. Hope keeps us going no matter what the odds. Hope promises a better tomorrow and a brighter future. The moment you hold a lotto ticket in your hand, you claim the right to dream… and some dreams do come true…

Lotto Punter wins $15 million

In August 2014, a South Australian won the $15 million Division 1 Oz Lotto jackpot with a ticket he bought in a coffee shop in Paralowie. This lucky gentleman, a market gardener and father of one, bought his golden ticket at the shop’s SA Lotteries booth on a normal Tuesday evening. He had a dream in his heart and he took a chance on a lottery ticket. The rest is history. He became a lotto millionaire 15 times over!

Pure luck? Maybe. I know one thing for sure, though. He couldn’t have won without a ticket.


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