How to Choose Lucky Lotto Numbers

How to choose lucky lotto numbers to play

Everyone who plays the lotto hope that they are lucky enough to win the jackpot. To choose the correct sequence of winning numbers, there are many tips (and some say tricks) that you can use. Here are some tips to go about choosing your own lucky lotto numbers.

Look at Previous Wins

Some players believe that, to choose lucky lotto numbers, you have to look at which numbers have already previously won the jackpot and which are the ones that are drawn most often. To try and ensure that you don’t have to share your jackpot if win, you should apparently choose the numbers which aren’t drawn very often.

Your Own Lucky Number

Your lucky lotto numbers can also be any number which you see as being lucky in your own life. These numbers can be someone’s birthday, telephone number, wedding anniversary, or any other big event. Some believe in choosing coincidental numbers and will open a phone book randomly to choose a number or even choose page numbers to be their lucky lotto numbers.

Let the Machine Choose

Another option, which some say works for them, is allowing the lotto machine or system (if you’re buying your lotto tickets online) to choose your sequence of numbers for you. These numbers can then also be seen as coincidental numbers and are just as often thought to bring you better luck in winning than it is to lower your chance of winning.

Everyone Together

Another way of choosing lucky lotto numbers, is to play lotto together in a pool. This means buying a lot of tickets with friends, family or colleagues and sharing equally anything won by those numbers. By playing lotto in this way, you can have many more chances of winning without having to go beyond what your budget allows you to responsibly play. But, whatever way you choose your lucky lotto numbers, remember that it’s still a game you can just enjoy playing.

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