Craziest things to do when you win the jackpot

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To win the jackpot in a lottery is every single person’s dream, even if they are not gamblers. Can you imagine all the things that you could do if you won hundreds or even millions of Dollars in a lottery jackpot. Jessie J’s hit song, “it’s not about the money” may imply to a small amount of people but deep inside your heart, you know that these words are not true. Money can help you buy happiness, even if people say it can’t.

Win the jackpot and do some crazy things.

All things considered, the odds are very much against you winning the jackpot. Nevertheless, millions of people still buy a ticket to test their lucky numbers in the hope that luck is on their side. After all, even though the odds are something million to one, why can’t you be that one. The more often you play, the more you increase your chances of winning.

People get up to crazy things when they win the jackpot. They book out entire hotels for no good reason and go on crazy and very expensive holidays, where they eat only the most expensive foods and drink only the most expensive liquor like Caviar and French Champagne. Some people go as far as to quit their day jobs. This is the craziest thing of all as you will have nothing to fall back on after you blow your cash. You will be bankrupt, and the chances of being rehired when you are down and out are low.

Sure, you have been poor all your life, and now you want to enjoy the good life. Newsflash, it will only be the good life until you are left flat broke. Why not invest some of the money, and make sure that your loved ones are set. I have nothing against taking some of the money and being irresponsible with it, but make provision for the important things first. Buy a house if you are not a home owner yet and pay off all of your debts.

I have heard of people throwing money around as if it were nothing more than meaningless pieces of paper. Some winners go to clubs where they spend thousands of Dollars per night. Whatever the case, if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot in a lottery, you are one of a very elite group of people. Enjoy!

Happy betting!

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