How to Handle Lottery Syndicate Disputes the Correct Way

Lottery Syndicate disputes

Fortunately there are not many lottery syndicate dispute cases. However, when they do come up, they can cause stress and could even break up a lottery syndicate. Listed below are a few ways in which you can resolve such disputes and how they could have been avoided.

To resolve a dispute of any form is not easy but it can be done

Stay calm

It is never easy to keep calm. Take a deep breath and do not allow the dispute to turn into a personal argument. Focus on the situation at hand.

Go through the original agreement

If you are part of a smart syndicate, you should have an original written agreement.  You should all sit around a table and see how the agreement relates to the dispute.

Think about a solution

Focus on finding a solution for the particular dispute. Ask everybody on how they feel the dispute could or should be resolved.

Revise The Agreement

If some or all of the members of the syndicate feel that they want the agreement revised, the syndicate leader should make the final decision.

If all else fails

If all of the above have been tried and failed, the syndicate should take legal action.

If you are part of a lottery syndicate, find out if there is or ever was a written agreement as this will help you in the future if such a dispute should occur. If you find out that there is no such agreement, you should either resign from the Lottery syndicate or draw up an agreement.

Happy betting!

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