Hotel Verde – the dream destination of lotto winners

Hotel Verde – Hotel of Champions

Do you play Euromillions in the hope that you’ll strike it lucky and win big? Well, what if Lady Luck smiles on you and you do win the lotto? What if your lotto ticket turns out to be the mega-millions jackpot winner? Winning a cash-flushed bank account will certainly go a long way in realizing all your lotto dreams. At first you may feel slightly overwhelmed knowing the balance on your bank account runs into the millions, but the feeling will pass. Soon you’ll be positively brimming with exciting ideas on how to spend your marvelous booty.

Put double platinum on your wish list

Topping your bucket list should be a well-deserved vacation in Cape Town, the capitol of South Africa and also the most beautiful city in the world. Hotel Verde, the iconic 4-star Cape Town International Airport Hotel, is the unofficial dream destination of lotto victors. Hotel Verde is the very first eco-hotel in the world to be awarded double Platinum Certification for LEED® — Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Collect your own carbon offsetting award

Africa’s greenest hotel provides the responsible eco-traveler a carbon-neutral stay in ultra-luxurious surroundings. Their environmentally-friendly building practices, design and sustainable operations have earned them numerous local and international awards. Guests are rewarded carbon offsetting certificates as proof that their stay has had no negative impact on the environment. The hotel uses 3 landmark wind turbines and 220 Photovoltaic panels to generate clean electricity – and that’s just one example of how they embrace green living.

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Invest in a Euromillions ticket today

Buy your Euromillions ticket now and position yourself for the lucky draw. Be ready to cash in on all those marvelous millions if the numbers on your lotto ticket are called. Hotel Verde is waiting to welcome you as their special guest.

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