How to Learn Languages faster

Learn Languages this year. Learn faster.

When you start learning a new language, a good idea is to find a good language blog where you can refer to experts. The better blogs will shorten your learning curve and help you in making fewer mistakes. Speaking more than one or two languages will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. It also looks impressive on your CV.

Learn Languages Tip #1: Language Surfer

The Language Surfer Blog states that you can never really master a language. At most, you surf it – from there the name of the blog. Ron, the site owner, offers language tips, exercises, grammar tips and much more. Some of the languages you can learn are Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese and French. Check this blog out!

Learn Languages Tip #2: Fluentin3months

The blog, Fluentin3months, offers language tuition in Spanish, German, French, Chinese and many more. The site offers a variety of language hacks, cultural information and much more. The owner is Benny Lewis and this is one of the most popular language blogs. He is fluent in seven languages and mastering more.

Learn Languages Tip #3: FluentU

FluentU is another excellent blog that you can make use of for learning a new language or two. FluentU offers curated videos that language learners can use when learning a variety of new languages. They also provide learners with proven tips on how to learn languages faster.

Learn Languages Tip #4: Rype

The Rype platform provides learners with 1-on-1 language lessons, taught by handpicked professional teachers. What sets Rype apart from the others, is the fact that they provide a great deal of practical information as well – productivity, travel and even business language.

Learn Languages Tip #5: The Polyglot Dream

Luca is the owner of The Polyglot Dream website and is fluent in 10 languages. His premise is that thirty minutes a day is enough to learn a new language. He also discusses the most common myths around learning a new language and provides a good deal of very valuable and practical information.

Now you have no excuse anymore. Start learning a new language today!

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