How Would You Like to be a Lotto Millionaire?

How Would You Like to be the next Lotto Millionaire?

Lottery player Richard Lustig has won the lotto jackpot seven times and says that playing the lottery isn’t so much about chance as it is about skill. He, like many other lottery jackpot winners have some tips and tricks up their sleeves that may just help you get those lucky numbers that will make you the next big lotto millionaire. Here are a few tips from other lotto players that can help you get the most out of the lotto numbers you choose and the lotto tickets you buy.

Play in a Group

An easy way with which you can get more lotto tickets to play and increase your chance of becoming a lotto millionaire — while still playing responsibly and within your budget — is to play in a pool. This means that you play lotto as a group. In this group you buy a lot of tickets together and any winnings you get from these tickets are split equally between everyone in the group.

Choose Your Own Numbers

Many lotto millionaires swear by choosing their own numbers and not buying tickets where the system gives you a random set of numbers to play. These numbers can be chosen in many different ways. From choosing those numbers which are lucky to you or which holds some sentimental value (the date of a birthday or anniversary, for instance), choosing random numbers from a telephone book or choosing random page numbers, to checking all the past winning numbers and selecting those which are drawn least often.

Playing Consistently

Another tip lotto millionaires give is that you should play consistently while still keeping within your budget. For instance, they believe that you should rather play one ticket every week than four tickets once a month.

Whatever your dreams are for becoming the next lotto millionaire, remember that it is a game and it is there to be enjoyed. And even if you did not win this time, you can always keep on daydreaming and perhaps the next draw will be your lucky draw!

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