Lucky Megamillions Couple got their dreams become real overnight

Lucky couple won Megamillions Jackpot

What would you do with a piece of paper worth 258 million US dollars?

This was the first question that came to mind when Helen and her husband Harold Lerner checked their lottery numbers and realized that they had the winning ticket for the MegaMillions jackpot.

They grabbed and hugged and kissed for what felt like forever. After this – they checked the ticket another thousand times.” It’s like you wake up from reality and the next thing you know you are in a dreamland. Quite the contradiction.” Said Harold Lerner. They decided to wrap the ticket in cellophane and hid it away in the rear of Helen’s lingerie drawer…

They consulted with a lawyer and then contacted the New Jersey lottery to claim their jackpot prize. The odds were completely against them – but they still managed to match the winning numbers which were 5, 16, 41, 46, 50 and the Gold Mega Ball No. 1.

The couple has two grown children and they have lived in Rutherford for the last 12 years. Harold is 60 and has been self-employed kitchen salesman for many years. Helen was a pharmaceutical sales representative – however, they are both retiring now.

Megamillions Lucky Tickets

Helen bought 10 tickets for 10 dollars.

When a friend called them one morning to say the winning ticket had been bought in Rutherford, she checked the ticket and then looked at her husband. “Honey, I think we’re millionaires.” Harold recalled these words from his wife clearly.

The couple spent the following days listening to friends and neighbors speculating about who might have won. “We were milling around trying to be really cool about this, and we were thinking, we know it’s us,” said Harold Lerner.

Helen Lerner said she planned to donate money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and might buy a luxury car. Harold Lerner said he hoped to buy an old Checker cab with jump seats in the back, a reminder of his days growing up in Brooklyn. “It will be a free ride for everyone,” he said.

Since the Lerners chose to receive cash rather than annual installments over 26 years, they will receive 156,141,600, US dollars before taxes.

They also said that they know God is always good, “but sometimes He is very good.

Happy betting!

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