OZ Lucky Lotto Super Jackpots Lottery

How to Play Australia’s Lucky Lotto Super Jackpots Lottery

Australia’s Lucky Lotto lotteries are different than most other lotteries, as it works more like a raffle than a traditional lottery where you pick your own numbers and separate numbers are drawn to make up the combination of winning numbers.

How do I play?

You play this lucky lotto game by buying your ticket or tickets online. The computer chooses a number for you and you are entered into a draw as soon as your tickets have been processed. At any time you are able to buy tickets for 11 lucky lotto draws – the current one and 10 future ones.

In every Lucky Lotto Super Jackpots there is a total of 270 000 tickets which must be sold before a draw takes place. This means that, unlike a “traditional” lotto, this lotto can be drawn at any time.

What can I win?

The prizes of the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpots has a minimum jackpot of AUD500 000, but there are a number of prizes, some of which are AUD1 000, but can be as low as AUD10. However, with this lucky lotto there is ever only one jackpot winner, so the money never has to be split. If a jackpot isn’t won in a specific draw, the money will roll over to the next – in other words you can win more than AUD500 000. There have been jackpots of over AUD10 million!

How does the draw work?

When all the tickets for a draw has been sold the draw will take place. First, second and third place prizes are drawn. There is also once-off prizes for the tickets on either side of the winning numbers. A number of free tickets are also added.

The jackpot ticket is drawn separately and the winner may only be one of the numbers which were drawn previously (therefore not the once-off prize winners).

All lotteries are operated by Huge Lottos and are subject to the terms and conditions on their website. Any information on this site can change anytime & without notice. Please make sure you are up to date with any restrictions that may apply.

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