Play the OZ lotto: Easy as 1-2-3

Play the OZ lotto: Easy as pie!

There are so many huge lotteries that South Africans can play and the OZ lotto is just one of them. How to choose your lotteries? And why the OZ lotto?

Well, here are some good reasons why you should seriously consider entering the lotto regularly:

1. Why not simply register to play all the really large lotteries in the world? It is free, easy and quick to register and then you are also ready to enter the OZ lotto.

2. The lotto does not offer jackpot prizes as big as the Euromillions or the USA Megamillions lotteries. Do not let this put you off. The lotto offers better odds than many of the really large lotteries. For one thing, you only have to pick your winning numbers from a pool of 45 possible numbers. And we all know by now that our chances are bigger is the pool of possible numbers are smaller.

3. The OZ lotto offers prizes on seven levels. That means you can win even if you have only three lucky numbers correct.

4. Entering the lotto is extremely affordable: only $1.20 (Australian) per entry. Just think what you pay for a take-away and decide if you can afford the chance of winning a fortune in the OZ lotto.

5. The minimum jackpot prize is $2 million and it can go as high as $50 million. What will you do with a tens of millions of Rand? Buy a house, a car or cars, give your children a chance at a decent education?

6. The lotto offers better odds than some of the larger lotteries. In fact you chance on winning with only three correct numbers are 1:44. That is a pretty attractive chance!

Why not try the OZ lotto? It may be one of the smaller lotteries on offer but it gives better odds than many other lotteries. Who knows, you may just become lucky! And remember, winnings from the OZ lotto are tax free!

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