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Playing the lottery is first and foremost a game. There is a slight chance of winning, but participation is the key. If you do not buy a ticket, you are automatically out of the game. Like with any activity that you engage in for the fun of it, Powerball is no different. Any money that you put into it, from as little at $2 to as much as you can afford to lose on a weekly basis, you should not consider as a serious occupation. First, play for the fun of fancying a win, and enjoy the daydreams you can legitimately have. As a pastime the enjoyment of fantasizing about what to do with your millions can be fun, but it should not take over your whole life. Spend about as much time on this as you would on a card game. To make it even better, go at it with a good friend, who will keep things in perspective for you.

Powerball is FUN!

Good company is part of what makes the Powerball fun. This organization is built on the premise of raising funds for worthwhile projects. So, even if your play money is not returned to you in the form of actual winnings, you are still a winner by being a participant. The money raised goes toward funding state approved projects. Thus, a secondary activity that you can become involved in would be to do some research on which projects are being funded by each state’s Powerball agency.

Powerball games have changed over the past two years. Jackpot winnings have made millionaires out of many. The onus of being a responsible player is recognized and there is help for anyone who has a gambling problem. The rule is never to spend more money on playing the game than you can afford. Just like you would not spend your whole salary on outings to the bowling alley or having fun with friends, the lottery must be enjoyed within your means. Please play responsibly and allow yourself to dream recklessly!

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