Reach your Goals this year with KAIZEN

Are you struggling to reach your goals?

There are myriads of motivational speakers wanting to sell their products to help you with staying motivated, reaching your goals, becoming more confident, more successful or losing more weight. Whom do you trust? They all profess to care about YOU. But, in the end, do they all not just want to make a sale? With this in mind, there has to be a way to make it easier to use your goals without having to buy anything.

Be Realistic if you want to Reach your Goals

Setting unrealistic goals will demotivate you and even lead to a dip in self-worth and confidence, because you will feel that you are unable to do anything right. It is easy to feel fired up and believe you can move mountains in the heat of the moment, but watch yourself – do not set impossible goals, no matter how fired up you may feel. Think it through. Keep in mind that change is something both our minds and bodies tend to resist. In order to stay motivated, you have to set attainable goals.

The KAIZEN Approach to reach your goals

The KAIZEN approach is not a quick-fix, instant method to make you reach your goals overnight. It is a long-term approach rooted in Japanese philosophy. Kaizen is based on implementing small changes to the current way of doing things. These changes are not monumental, but still effective and works towards an end goal of bigger proportion. The word “kaizen” is made up of “kai” (change) and “zen” (good). The kaizen approach can be used in business as well as personal goal setting.

Reach your goals the KAIZEN way

Kaizen focuses on small changes that cumulatively bring about big change. Through this method you can kill bad habits and build good habits without a great deal of effort. Human beings fear change and big, sudden change may have an adverse effect. Psychologically, small changes are easier to cope with and less intimidating.

The beauty of the Kaizen approach is that each individual can apply it successfully in his or her own way.

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