Remember to play lotto to increase your chances or winning millions

How to remember to play lotto

South Africans are lucky to be able to enter some of the biggest lotteries in the world. Winning USA Megamillions or Euromillions is no longer an impossible dream. There are dozens of lotteries you can enter. All you have to do is register and you are set to become the next overnight billionaire!

Remember to buy your lotto ticket

For many people, the problem lies in remembering to enter. This may sound ridiculous, but it isn’t really. Each lotto is drawn on a different day and some lotteries are drawn twice a week while others are drawn weekly. If you regularly play more than one lotto it is easy to forget to enter in time. The answer is simple. Set up a reminder system. Here are some ideas:

  • Most modern smart phones feature reminder apps. If your phone does not have such a feature, simply visit the Google Play Store and search for “reminder app”. There are several very good and 100% free apps that will remind you to enter the correct lotto on time.
  • There are also several very useful on line reminder services. Search for “free reminder service” in your browser and choose any of the excellent free services on offer. Some services will send you a reminder by e-mail and SMS.
  • Get yourself an event calender and hang it where you have to see it every day. These calenders do not have to be replaced each year and can be useful in helping you to remember other important dates and days.
  • Do you still use an old-fashioned diary? Well, use it to mark the dates when you have to enter a particular lotto.

With a little bit of effort you will not forget to enter your favourite lotteries on time. Another thing you need to remember is to actually check the results after each draw. You will be surprised to learn just how many winners there are that never claimed their prizes!

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