The Secret of Lotto

What is the secret of lotto?

The secret of lotto … the ever-elusive answer to financial freedom and a perfect life … is there more to making this a reality?

Yes, that is the great lotto dream, but in order to find the true secret of lotto, you have to use your mind, your logic and a basic strategy. The secret of lotto is discussed below and if you pay attention to the three  tips provided, you will already increase your chances of winning a lottery prize.

The Secret of Lotto #1:  Quick-Pick Numbers

Never, ever ever ever buy Quick-Pick numbers. These numbers are computer generated and you get a different set each time you play. If you buy more than one ticket, you will get a different set of numbers and that puts you at the bottom of the lucky bucket each time. Rather play more than one ticket with one set of numbers. You will have better odds.

The Secret of Lotto #2: Your Lucky Numbers

Many people choose their birth dates as lucky numbers and that is fine. But, just ensure that all your numbers are not clustered too close together. You want to spread it out a bit and use the entire frame, not just 25% of it. Use your specific set of numbers every time you play. Changing numbers on a whim leads to nothing. Play consistently and never skip a drawing in the lottery game you are playing.

The Secret of Lotto #3: Your Investment

Determine how much money you want to invest in your lotto venture. You can determine the amount per week or per month. A good rule of thumb is to play what you can afford to lose. You can easily give up a candy bar or two and rather spend that money on something that may win you millions of dollars.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to start winning some lotto prizes.

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