How to be twice as confident Top Tips

Do you want to be twice as confident?

Confidence is a positive asset and will help you in numerous ways to achieve what you want in life. The lack of confidence may lead to missed opportunities, lower performance and a great deal of frustration. Confidence is a skill that you can acquire, so even if you lack confidence now, you can learn how to be more confident. Listed below are 5 proven tips to help you gain more confidence.

Twice as Confident Tip #1: Step out

Reach out and meet new people. Talk to at least one new person every day. The fear of rejection is what keeps us from reaching out to others. That fear is a result of low self-confidence, limiting us and in fact, increasing lack of confidence. Step out and start talking to a new person. The more you do it, the more confident you will become.

Twice as Confident Tip #2: Say “No”

Humans are social animals and our society is based on agreement. You want to keep good relations with your co-workers, family, friends and meaningful others. But, if you agree to something even though you do not want to do it, you are disempowering yourself. Learn to say “no” when you disagree or do not want to do something. You are worth more than you may think. You can gracefully disagree without offending anyone.

Twice as Confident Tip #3: Write online

Writing online is an excellent way to find your own voice. If you prefer the written word to the spoken word, start a blog and write about what matters to you. This is another way of public speaking – you are publishing your opinions. By doing this, you begin to form your views, arguments and aligning your thoughts. Write the way you talk. Pretty soon you will be more confident in sharing your opinion in everyday conversation and this may even lead to public speaking.

Twice as Confident Tip #4: Your Brand

You are your own brand. Pay special attention to the way you look, the way you speak and the way you dress. When you look good, you feel better about yourself. Stand up straight, speak clearly, make eye contact and do not fidget with your hands. Appearing confident will make you more confident.

Twice as Confident Tip #5: Your Why

This is the most important issue and therefore the final tip. Determine why you lack in confidence. Why do you feel inferior? When you have the answers, make a list of your weaknesses and then set goals to acquire skills to improve them.

Start using these tips today – the sooner you start, the sooner you can boost your confidence.

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