US MegaMillions and Powerball winnings

Play US MegaMillions and Powerball for HUGE winnings

US MegaMillions & Powerball Prize Winnings

To make 101 million US Dollars look like chump change is a good trick.

However, in 2011 the Powerball was dwarfed by the US MegaMillions top prize of 244 million US Dollars.

This kind of territory gets gamblers very excited and they put records in reach.

In 2011 the US MegaMillions hit 242 Million US Dollars, and exploded to a whopping 380 million US Dollars and to date this has been the second biggest jackpot ever.

Nobody hit all the numbers, but 6 people, including a person in Philadelphia and five people in New Jersey came pretty close, earning each of them 250 000 US Dollars for matching the first five numbers which were 14, 33, 34, 54 as well as 56. The Mega Ball of 37 was not matched.

Second Tier US MegaMillions and Powerball Winners

Other second tier winners came from Texas while Georgia as well as Michigan and South- Carolina had one winner each. Tennessee also had a winner.

According to the State’s lottery website, one of the tickets that came from Texas was boosted to a whopping 1 million US Dollars due to the fact that it had the Megaplier multiplier option.

In that same year, on that same night, the Powerball’s numbers, , were even tougher to hit. No single person matched all the numbers that were drawn. The numbers were – 3, 11, 20, 27 and 46, with a Powerball of 8. There were five people who were able to match the first five numbers.

Two people won 1 million US Dollars, though, for also having the Power Play multiplier option. They were sold in Virginia and Arizona. Winning $200,000 each, were two tickets sold in Florida and one ticket sold in New York.

There are people winning large amounts of cash for matching five numbers. Even though these are not jackpot winnings, they are still worth playing for as the cash prizes are still life changing. Think about what you would do if you had 250 000 US Dollars to SPEND?

Happy betting!

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