What you didn’t know about Euromillions

The facts you didn’t know about Euromillions

Euromillions is one of the largest lottery games in Europe at the moment. The game’s jackpots regularly sky rockets to 100 million Euros – a big reason why so many people are choosing Euromillions as their the lottery to invest.

There are a few unusual facts about Euromillion that not a lot of people know.

# 1.  Which Jackpot Would You Like?

Many people know that Adrian and Gillian Bayford received 190 million Euros – the biggest ever jackpot in the history of the Euromillions game in August 2012. However, not a lot pf people know that the smallest jackpot win was 14 million Euros. Even though it is a world away from the Bayford’s win, it is still a life changing sum of money.

# 2.  Not a Sharer?

The rules of the Euromillions game changed in May of 2011 and the odds of winning are now even harder. The most tickets that have ever matched all the numbers to claim the jackpot prize have been only three. What I am saying is that the biggest split of the jackpot prize has only been three. So if you are not a sharer, Euromillions is the game that you want to play.

# 3. Keep your ticket safe.

Believe it or not – people do lose their tickets. The prizes then go unclaimed. There was a lost jackpot of 63.8 million Euros just recently. The player who had won this jackpot bought the ticket in June 2012. Nobody ever came forward and the money was donated to the United Kingdom’s Lottery Good Cause Fund.

# 4.  Roll Downs Are Just As Much Fun as Rollovers

We all know a rollover – the jackpot continues to grow

But did you know that EuroMillions cannot rollover forever? The maximum you can win in the Euromillions is 190 million Euros. Anything above that amount will be added to the next prize level down.

If nobody is able to win in that draw, then the prize money can roll down to the next prize level.

# 5.  Who’s a Lucky Country

France is the country that has won the most jackpots in the Euromillions. The country has won a staggering 67 jackpots.

Euromillions have proved to be worth the play. The lottery will continue to grow and I am sure even more countries will be joining in the fun in the near future.

Happy betting!

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